Understanding how tokens and messages limitations work.





1 token is approximately 1 word.

1 token is 4 characters.


We recommend using a word counter tool to estimate your document’s size.

You should choose a ChatNode plan with the amount of tokens required to train all your data.


Understanding the token limit.

The token limit of your ChatNode account represents the number of tokens your ChatBot can be trained on.

If you remove some data from a bot, you will free up some tokens, if you add some data to your bot, you will add up some tokens.



If you pick the ChatNode Pro Plan, you will get 10 ChatBots and 1M tokens limit.

This means that on your account, at any time, you can have a maximum of 10 chatbots with 1M tokens each.

Let’s say you create a chatbot that knows everything about Dinosaurs. You have 7 books in PDF format.

You train the bot on 7 books and it uses 900K tokens on the bot. If you want to add an extra book of 200K words/tokens, you’ll have to remove 1 book from the bot to free up some token space.




This one is straightforward. To make it simple, 1 message is equivalent to 1 query + 1 bot answer.

So if your plan has 2,000 messages. You can ask 2,000 questions to your bots.

The limit if NOT per bot but for your entire account.


Feel free to reach out to us if you need more information